The Commwell Mission

Commwell’s Mission and basic philosophy has been formulated by its founder, Daniel David MD, F.A.C.C. (more then 20 years ago) while defining the “Paradox of Modern Medicine” as follows:

“Almost all the sophistication of modern medicine is located in the hospitals however we spend most of our time at home, an environment that is totally deprived of any medical sophistication. This paradox of modern health care has to change. The aging of the population, the prohibitive cost of medical care (mainly hospital driven), the development of sophisticated physiological sensors as well as the expected boom of the telecommunication industry will allow to move sophisticated health care out of the hospital into the natural home environment” *.

* Ambulatory Monitoring and Management of Cardiac Patients. Eds. David D, Michelson EL, Dreifus LS. F.A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1988.

Commwell Headquarters - 1840 Oak Ave., Evanston IL, USA.
The Company

As a pioneer and central player in the Tele-Health market, Commwell is dedicated to the development and marketing of cutting edge medical systems that will bring the needed medical sophistication into our homes. Using a wide array of medical sensors combined with an all inclusive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and advanced telecommunication technologies, Commwell provides the ideal tools for sophisticated health and wellness, remote diagnostic and interventional patient care. Our products are first and foremost designed in the home environment, assisted living retirement facilities, remote clinics etc. they can be managed by hospital, HMOs, clinics, or physician's offices as well as other institutional entities. All of

Commwell's products are aimed to provide the best available solutions for preventive care, long term disease management, early detection of disease deterioration, and on line emergency intervention.

Commwell is ideally positioned to achieve this mission due to its unique, long lasting (more than 35 years), hands-on experience in actual (24/7/365) Tele-home management of high-risk patients. These obvious advantages have allowed Commwell l to conceptualized, patent and develop its products ahead of its competitors both in terms of timing as well as in highly target oriented sophistication.