The PhysioGlove ES-I (The COMMWELL PC based ECG Machine):(CE / FDA clearance) :

The “PhysioGlove-ES” is an integral part of COMMWELLs proprietary, PC based, ECG machine. It connects to any PC using an external electronic box into any USB-II port. The ECG Database and Management System: This proprietary software includes all of the basic functions of a regular ECG machine and more. It can be used both with a regular as well as a touch-screen. The system includes a customizable report generator and e-mail transmission capabilities including the transmission of waveforms, text, and measurements. Importantly, the Commwell ECG software is designed as an institutional ECG management system adaptable to any size of patient load (Clinic, Hospital, Remote monitoring center etc.). Automatic ECG analysis can provided as an option.

Features / Advantages

  1. Simultaneous acquisition of up to 12 leads

  2. Lead fault detection for fast, dependable ECG measurements

  3. Recording speeds of 12.5, 25, and 50 mm/sec for capturing multiple levels of detail

  4. Full page reports for convenient reading and filing

  5. Portability - Fast, accurate ECG readings anywhere, anytime

  6. ECG quality control features:

    AC noise filtering

    Baseline wander correction

    User-defined filters

  7. User friendly Windows environment on easy to use Tablet-PC

  8. View several ECGs simultaneously on screen for comparison of patient's ECGs

  9. ECG Management System for searching, reviewing, comparing and editing (Optional)

  10. Short learning curve

  11. Email results including waveforms, text, and measurements

  12. View several ECGs simultaneously on screen for comparison of patient's ECGs

  13. Full patient demographics and information

  14. Emergency alert capabilities

  15. Wireless Bluetooth™ technology

  16. Modular design for upgrade to multi-parameter measurement (blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart and lung sounds and others)