The COMMWELL Patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR):

The Commwell EMR is the main and most important component of the “Health-e-Care” system. This ORACLE based extensive database was designed by a team with one of the longest histories of hands-on 24/7/365 experience in remote patient care. This in-depth understanding of the needs and functionality of a remote health care system sets this EMR apart from other available products. Moreover, Commwells holistic approach to patient care designed its unique EMR to encompass and integrate all aspects of personal care needs such as medical, wellness, functional, environmental, social, religious and many other aspect of daily life.

The complete patient electronic medical record includes the patient's medical history, active problems, complaints, hospitalizations, laboratory tests, medications, physician instructions as well as patients wellness information to name only a few. This information, available to the nurse at her computer workstation is correlated with the patient's symptoms and vital sign measurements, and forms the basis for a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition and the appropriate action to be taken.

Online intervention capabilities allow the “Health-e-Care” control center prompt and effective intervention in emergency situations. The patient’s electronic medical record includes contact information regarding the patient's physicians, relatives, friends, social worker, and clergyman, as well as the telephones of the local paramedics, medical centers, emergency services and fire and police departments. The nurse can communicate with any of them at a click of a button.

Daily monitoring allows health care professionals to detect and address even the slightest abnormalities before they become serious, thus allowing immediate, targeted, intervention.

24/7/365 access to the most updated medical information, allows the patients to exercise a more active role in their healthcare management.

Properly authorized physicians or healthcare providers may retrieve data from any location using a telephone or Internet connection. Authorized emergency medical personnel can gain access to relevant parts of the patient's medical record thus providing suitable emergency care with regard to the individuals' sensitivities, allergies and medication counter-interactions.

The extensive patient electronic medical record can (under the proper circumstances) provide health providing authorities with vitally needed, target population statistical information for proper decision making.

The extensive patient electronic medical record combined with online monitoring capabilities is an ideal research tool for the pharmacological industry and the like.