The Commwell “Health-e-Care” system is the ultimate representation of an all-inclusive, FDA cleared, patented, multi-modality, patient centered, home health umbrella. This interactive, audiovisual, patient monitoring system serves to remotely monitor a large spectrum elements of a patient’s health, reporting changes in observed and measured parameters that may be indicative of changes in the patient’s health.

The system provides high quality medical and wellness monitoring to subscribers in their own homes or in assisted living situations. Information is passed form the home to a control center via any available common carrier communication line. The “Health-e-Care” system monitors from a central station the patient’s ECG, blood pressure, weight, and many other physiological parameters. It supervises the patient’s intake of food and medication and provides immediate online help in emergency situations.

The “Health-e-Care” system dramatically cuts healthcare costs by its primary goal namely disease prevention. Moreover, it is the ideal tool for on-line, stringent disease management. It’s capability of early detection of any change in the patients condition leads to prompt response prior to disease deterioration. Timely intervention is less costly and more effective by reducing the number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Alternatively, the early hospitalization prevents severe pre-hospitalization disease deterioration leading to cost saving by shortening hospital stay. The systems extensive, oracle based, patient electronic medical record and modular design as well as holistic approach make it ideally suited for its use as an all inclusive tele-health and wellness service platform.

Watch the a short film about the system

Telemedicine & EMR platform in central station

Patient at home in the Health-e-Chair
Health-e-Care Slip-On (Read More)


The Commwell “Health-e-Care” system provides the best possible tools for:

Disease Prevention:

Individualized, risk oriented emphasis on prevention.

Disease management:

Patient oriented, targeted disease management.

User-friendly operation:

Completely remotely controlled, non-obtrusive.

Patient Self-Care:

Independence and improved quality of life.

Medication control:

Tele-supervision on proper medication consumption.

Safety and security:

Extended elderly ambient living, injury & fall prevention.

Remote rehabilitation:

Tele-training and supervision of targeted rehab. programs.


The “PhysioGlove” provides world-wide mobility.

Emergency care:

Early detection of deterioration patient’s condition.

Cost saving:

Less ER visits, Less / shorter hospitalizations.