The “PhysioGlove” (CE / FDA Clearance):

COMMWELL has revolutionized the performance of 12 lead ECG by developing its patented “PhysioGlove” (US patent # 6,516,289). Placing all ten electrodes on predefined positions on a glove worn on the patient’s left arm allows for their reproducible positioning on the body and, at the same time, eliminates the cable and lead wire problems. The natural positioning of the arm on the chest (following very simple rules) assures the performance of diagnostically accurate and reproducible 12 Lead ECG recordings by the patients themselves or by minimally trained personnel, within less then a minute!

The COMMWELL 12 lead ECG “PhysioGlove” is expected to become the future state of the art of performing accurate diagnostic 12 lead ECGs.

The 12 lead ECG “PhysioGlove” is the first phase in the development of the all-inclusive, Glove based comprehensive remote physiological assessment platform. In addition to the 12 Lead ECG recording capability the “PhysioGlove” will allow for measurement and transmission via cell-phone, additional data such NIBP, SaO2, temperature, heart and lung sounds and many other parameters, to any designated care facility (physician, clinic, hospital, monitoring center etc.) from anywhere worldwide.

This, integrated, multi-parameter “PhysioGlove” is the next generation, all in one, ambulatory monitoring device to be use by a wide range of patient populations in need of monitoring and disease management as well as emergency intervention capability.

The “PhysioGlove” is being developed into a number of distinct products, each with its own capabilities and market segment.

Watch the a short film about the PhysioGlove