The Health-e-Chair:

This, patented easy chair is the patients home unit, consisting of a– the “Health-e-Chair” which can incorporates a vast array of biosensors to measure basic vital signs (e.g. weight, blood pressure, temperature, ECG, auscultation of heart and lung sounds, blood oxygen saturation, motion analysis, reflex response time, and many more) and a communication unit with a remotely controlled camera. The open ended technology turns the “Health-e-Chair” into a highly flexible and easily adaptable system ranging from a simple, low cost, basic home unit to the most complex and advanced monitoring system to best accommodate the demands and prescription of the treating physician(s). This user-friendly, non-obtrusive home unit, the “Health-e-Chair” is completely remotely controlled from the control center. The user needs no prior training or computer skills or specific training regarding the use of the equipment. In fact, there are no buttons, no mouse, no keyboard all is remotely controlled. All the patient needs to do is to sit in the “Health-e-Chair” and let the nurse do the work.