The Telemedicine PhysioGlove incorporates all the functionality of the Wireless PhysioGlove plus the advantage of transmitting the patients' recorded vital sign information over a cellular telephone to a remote receiving station for analysis by a specialist

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Features / Advantages

  • Simultaneous acquisition of up to 12 leads

  • Lead fault detection for fast, dependable ECG measurements

  • Recording speeds of 12.5, 25, and 50 mm/sec for capturing multiple levels of detail

  • Full page reports for convenient reading and filing

  • Portability – Fast, accurate ECG readings anywhere, anytime

  • Wireless Bluetooth™ technology

  • ECG quality control features: :

      • AC noise filtering

      • Baseline wander correction

      • User-defined filters

  • User friendly Windows environment on easy to use Tablet-PC

  • View several ECGs simultaneously on screen for comparison of patient’s ECGs

  • Automatic ECG interpretation (Optional)

  • ECG Management System for searching, reviewing, comparing and editing (Optional)

  • Short learning curve

  • Email results including waveforms, text, and measurements

  • Full patient demographics and information

  • Emergency alert capabilities

  • Modular design for upgrade to multi-parameter measurement (blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart and lung sounds and others)

  • Cellular phone transmission of the patients’ vital signs


Target Markets

  • Individual patients

  • Physician’s office

  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare service centers

  • Rural clinics or health centers

  • HMOs

  • Other health care providers

  • Individual patients

  • Ambulatory emergency services

  • Paramedic units

  • Airplanes, trains, ships, offshore platforms, etc