Dr. David in the 70's in an ambulance equipped with a mobile telemetry system.



A 95 year old woman in her house in NJ during an audio/video session with a Cardiomedix nurse (in IL).

The early, pioneering research describing the use of transtelephonic ECG event monitoring in arrhythmia and ischemia detection and treatment of high-risk cardiac patients was performed by Dr. Daniel David and co-researchers in the early 1970s. Large-scale clinical trials on post myocardial infarction patients as well as in patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmias showed the marked benefit of the transtelephonic ECG event monitoring in solving a wide spectrum of cardiac problems. In particular, a multicenter study on the effect of event monitoring on morbidity and mortality of post myocardial infarction patients showed, for the first time, that transtelephonic ECG surveillance can markedly reduce out of hospital sudden arrhythmic death in these high risk patients. These trials paved the way to the wide use today of transtelephonic event monitoring.

In 1988 Dr. Daniel David was instrumental in establishing Cardiomedix Inc. The company’s successful modus operandi has become the model for the rest of the transtelephonic ECG event monitoring industry. Commwell Inc. was established in 1998 with the vision to make the transition from the tele-cardiology field to the comprehensive all inclusive tele-health system. Based upon more then 30 years of 7/24/365, hands on, experience in the field of ambulatory patient care and the in-depth understanding of the future needs, Commwell has developed its new technologies and created its all inclusive, remote (home) patient medical and wellness care systems. Commwell’s, state-of-the-art, global medical remote patient monitoring systems are merely the basic platforms upon which Commwell continues to develop it’s ultimate, integrated tele-health system. All of this work is based upon Commwells profound understanding of the directions and ways in which modern tele-health will continue to evolve.